Influencers are the future! Wait, we paid $1,000 and saw no results?! How do we reach out to them? Do you know of any celebrities that are fit for my brand? Help! 

At Why Collective we realize there is a MAJOR pain point in the industry and are here to help!! Yes, we do think that influencers are the way of the future when it comes to advertising on social media BUT, what many people fail to realize is that you have to know which ones to use. Otherwise, you'll find yourself spending thousands of dollars and not seeing any results. This is where we step in. Being comprised of influencers and working side by side with hundreds, we know exactly who to call when figuring out how much distribution you need, what kind of influencers will produce the best ROI, and on which social platforms. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch those sales come in!