Why Collective

Know your why.

Being an entrepreneur is never an easy task, but one I’m willing to face. Over the years I’ve realized time and time again that the path to success is never a defined one. There will be obstacles that catch you off guard and there will be curve balls thrown your way, so it really boils down to how you can react.

Now this philosophy may be slightly biased, but I am and always will be a firm believer in the fact that the reason behind someone's success is not because of how many degrees they have or who their parents are, but rather the motivation and willingness to give up things they love for this idea we call success.

Don’t get me wrong, success is a real (but subjective) thing. This agency, Why Collective, is my step forward into the “real world” and contributes to who I am as a person. It continuously reminds me of why I get out of bed every morning, why I choose to ignore the norms society has set, and why I am truly happy with my life decisions.

The world never sleeps, life doesn’t stop ticking away, so why would you waste your time doing something you were told to do and not something you want to do?

Welcome to Why Collective.